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UX How

As consumers, we expect a product or service to be intuitive and work effortlessly with a minimum of frustration – a good user experience (UX). Customers don’t care about org charts, backend database architecture, APIs, design patterns, conversion rates or “the fold”.

Users want solutions to their problems, by getting out of their way. Businesses want to turn users into customers by providing those solutions. Everyone – Designers, Developers, Product Managers and Executives – working on or managing a product is responsible for solving the customer’s problem with the end-to-end experience being created.

Without a relentless and consistent focus on the product UX, the user and the business suffers.

But, how do you keep the focus on UX? How do you work with Developers, Product Managers, Executives and Designers? How do you get started or grow in the changing world of UX?

UX How is your resource for product User Experience (UX) design “how to” articles, examples and insights from a UX Design Manager.


We’ve helped create user experiences and partnered with cross-functional teams to design for cloud services, consumer facing products in wide-ranging industries and branded unified product touch-points across surfaces.

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About Troy Parke

Troy Parke

Troy Parke is the Director of User Experience for UX How. A designer who loves comic books, Hello Kitty charms, brush pens and doughnuts, Troy creates compelling, usable and high performing product experiences.

Troy leads UX/UI/Product Design teams in executing on business goals, unifying UX across surfaces, iterative rapid prototyping and delivering metrics-based performance of product features.

Troy serves as the Associate UX Director at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online in Seattle, Washington. His project clients have included: Rolling Stone, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, and Marvel.

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